Fitness Training & Martial Arts


Fit-Fighting provides personalized, one-on-one Personal Training and/or Martial Arts instruction. Our direct, effective approach to fitness and martial arts is designed to give men, women and children the skills they can apply in real life... and the confidence to overcome any challenge.

  1. Learn functional self defense with real life applications

  2. Improve balance, coordination and overall physical fitness

  3. Increase calmness and awareness through training and meditation

By combining empty hand self defense, grappling, weapons training; as well as strength training, flexibility and a great cardio workout, Fit-Fighting offers a well balanced, comprehensive training experience for everyone.

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Client Testimonials

"Bryan Hughes went out of his way to take a special interest in my 15-year old son, first spending a lot of time to find out what his interests were.  His extensive examples and discussion helped decide he wanted to learn Kempo.  Jared says he really likes Bryan because he carefully teaches the purpose of each move, why it is effective, and in what situation to use it.  He is really good to answer questions and most of them before you figure out what to ask.  We can’t imagine anyone being a more concerned and skillful teacher than Bryan Hughes."

- Kent H. (Seattle, WA)