Fit-Fighting instructors can provide seminars for groups on a wide range of topics. Popular topics include women’s self defense, safety and workplace violence, stretching and physical conditioning. These seminars can be provided directly for the concerned group or in association with another martial arts academy.

School Consultation/Assistance

Do you have a school or facility that could use some new energy? Fit-Fighting has provided consultation to school owners across the country. As former and current school owners, we can help you rejuvenate your existing programs, marketing , and business programs, or add new programs to generate enthusiasm and new students. We can help you reformat classes within your style to increase student referrals and retention. Perhaps adding a padded weapons program would work for you. Contact Fit-Fighting on how we might be able to help. Services offered nationwide.

Special School Consultation Program

Winter 2011 Special Program

If you want to grow as a school and be effective in this tough market, then you need eyes on the business and feet on the mat support. Long distance “coaching” and CD’s from Martial Arts business Guru’s can only teach generally.

Call us today for our 3-day coaching and training session where a Fit-Fighting business coach will discretely observe your business, analyze marketing and financial plans, and instructors, and provide a full written report listing all of the key business metrics and what you can do to effect positive change and growth in your business. This assessment is accompanies with a multi-hour review session where the Fit-Fighting business coach will walk through all of the findings and help you adapt them in to your real-world scenario. This time may be spent entirely with an owner in the office or also with instructors on the mat. It’s based on your needs.

To take advantage of this offer, contact Bryan Hughes at: 206-229-3568 or

Instructor Program

Our rigorous instructor program supports our students who wish to share their experience with others. We have developed the support framework and continued education to allow individuals to start fresh with the Fit-Fighting system or perhaps add the framework to expand their client base if they are already doing some personal training or other fitness coaching.